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Archive for May, 2007

The wrong way to advertise

Life’s short. Get a divorce. This is from a billboard in Chicago. The graphic in the linked article is the clincher. I think the matter should be taken a bit more seriously than this.

UPDATE (07/28/2011): The above link doesn’t always seem to work. Another story is here.

"Life's short. Get a divorce."The exhibit pictured on the left depicts the “assets” of attorney Corrie Fettman, one of the partners of the law firm advertising on the billboard.  Nearly full disclosure by Ms. Fettman.  I guess there is no complaint there.

Yes, that really is Corrie Fettman.

UPDATE 2 (07/28/2011): It’s worse than I thought. Or better. I guess it depends on your point of view. Anyway, it’s the first lawyer website I’ve seen with a photo gallery. Don’t click that link at work, please.