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Archive for May, 2009

It didn't take long for lawyers to take the fun out of tweeting

As if lawyers don’t have enough stress on their plates, now we have to be mindful of the contents of our tweets, at least according to an attorney in New York: “By answering, in 140 characters or less, the question ‘What are you doing now?’ corporate and professional employees ‘may convey proprietary information, may reveal other privileged or private information and may expose the company to claims of defamation or harassment,’ writes Jones Day partner Steven Bennett in a cover story for the May issue of the New York State Bar Association Journal.”

Admittedly, despite sharing my law firm’s name, my Twitter activity is mostly limited to lame attempts at rhyming couplets and haiku.  I have considered tweeting on more substantive matters, but there always remains a concern over how much is “too much” to say about what I am doing when I’m, say, in court on the Child Protective Services docket.  It’s a good question, and I suppose it was only a matter of time before my profession started dissecting tweeting to determine “best practices.”  Oh well…