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Why Do I Love Pit Bulls?

I found this blog post from Lucky Dog Rescue via Lydia at Love-A-Bull, and it is worth quoting at length:

Why do I love Pit Bulls? Maybe it’s that big, beautiful head, just begging to be rubbed. Maybe it’s those soulful eyes, leading me straight into a wounded heart. Maybe it’s that childlike spirit… full of innocence and hope… despite the harsh realities of the world. Maybe it’s that joyful smile, saying to the critics: “I know you think I’m mean. I know you don’t trust me. But even though you hate me… I still love you.”
Maybe it’s the loyalty… the unwavering devotion in the face of cruelty, neglect, and abuse. Maybe it’s the fact that this very loyalty… this precious gift of allegiance… is exploited every day by evil humans with sadistic motivations.
Maybe it’s the undying will to please their master, the drive for praise at any cost, or the endless desire for compassion of any kind. Maybe that’s what makes them so special…

Maybe it’s the love… the love that waits… often for an entire lifetime… to be given. The love that dies… in the dogfighting ring… on the end of a chain… or at the pound. The love wasted, the lives forsaken, the beauty forgotten… Maybe that’s what I see in them…
Maybe it’s because the media has inaccurately and wrongfully demonized one of the most loving, loyal, and incredible breeds on Earth—the Pit Bull. Maybe it’s because the public believes these mistruths and joins in the bashing. Maybe it’s because Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) has enacted laws banning these amazing creatures… laws that seek to destroy every last living, breathing Pit Bull in America. Maybe it’s because, for the lucky few Pit Bulls in loving homes, BSL rips them away from their families and sentences them to death. Maybe it’s because these precious souls can’t understand why this is happening to them… as they cry out for their families, just before they are killed… Maybe that’s why I fight for them… (read the full post here)

Some of the most amazing dogs I’ve ever encountered have been pit bulls.  I just want to take a moment to appreciate how awesome they are.

Coco, by the way, still needs a home!

Coco, by the way, still needs a forever home!

  • Zach

    BSL is bullshit. Before Pit Bulls it was Dobermans, and before that German Shepards. We tend to forget that Pit Bulls were once “Nanny Dogs” – praised for their ability to watch over and care for children.

    Coco looks like a great dog and one deserving of a forever home. Wonder if my two guys would approve of a new playmate…