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BigLaw Partner Leaves Firm to Write Novel, Rediscover his Family; Disses his Coworkers on the Way Out.

Riding away....Every time a lawyer leaves the practice of law and somehow manages to make the news, I take notice. As  I am still slowly extricating myself from the brilliant boondoggle that has been my legal career, the paths that other lawyers take to the exit is always interesting to me. From the ABA Journal, a litigation partner at Sidley Austin in Chicago has decided to take his leave of the firm to write a novel and, you know, live his life. He also left a few parting zingers:

I have realized that I cannot simultaneously meet the demands of career and family. Without criticizing those who have chosen lucre over progeny, let me just say that I am leaving the practice of law.

My epiphany may have come a bit late as my youngest child—I believe his name is Erik—is 24. But as I always said after missing a filing deadline, better late than never.

I have made friendships at Sidley that I will treasure well into the first quarter of 2012. But a career based on the perception of untapped potential, rather than on actual production, has a limited shelf life. I frankly would have expected management to have caught on years ago. I trust that my longevity will serve as a beacon of hope for underperforming lawyers of all ages. No need to name names: you know who you are.

As the saying goes (roughly stated), no one looks back on their life and wishes they had spent more time at the office. I’d be willing to wager that at least some people wish they had spent less time at the office and gotten to pick at a few co-workers. To this gentleman scholar, I say bravo. You are my kind of grumpy.

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