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Trademark and Copyright Notice

Trademark Notice

Under U. S. trademark law, no person may take or cause to be taken any trademarked item, nor use any trademarked item. This website contains several items that fall under trademark law. Trademark rights protect the trademark holder from unauthorized use of the trademarked element. For information about using an icon on this website, please contact the website directly.

  • Law Office of David C. Wells’ logo is trademarked by Law Office of David C. Wells.
  • Facebook icon is trademarked by Facebook.
  • FeedBurner icon is trademarked by Google.
  • LinkedIn icon is trademarked by LinkedIn.
  • Twitter icon is trademarked by Twitter.

If you have questions about the trademarked icons on this website, please refer to the associated website for information regarding the trademarked graphic. If you have questions regarding this website’s trademarked graphics, please Contact the Law Office of David C. Wells, P.C.

Copyright notice

Under U. S. Federal Law, and Ohio State Law, no person may take or use copyright protected materials without the express written permission of the copyright holder. All content at this website, except where noted otherwise, is copyright protected by the Law Office of David C. Wells, P.C.


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