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Good news on license plate income

There had been controversy around how the Texas Legislature was going to disburse funds collected from the sale of “Animal Friendly” license plates, which are intended to be used to fund spay/neuter programs. I learned today that all funds were authorized by the Legislature for their intended purpose. This came after protests from nonprofits who were expecting funding. The cuts proposed by the Legislature would have barely made a dent in the budget shortfall, but would have been devastating to the organizations that were expecting the money (not to mention the Texans who bought the license plates expecting the money to support spay/neuter). It is always nice when the Legislature does what it is supposed to do.


Support funding for spay/neuter programs in Texas

In my role as chair of the Austin Bar Association‘s Animal Welfare Committee, I have issued the following resolution regarding allocation of funds in the Senate budget bill.  It is an important issue, not just because supporting spay and neuter programs is important, but because people need to know that, when they voluntarily contribute money for a specific cause, the money really will go to that cause.  Talk to your Senator today.

Resolution Against Reducing Allocation for SN Services (Senate)