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Thoughts on Andrew Breitbart (Spoiler: they’re not good)

I’m very sorry for Andrew Breitbart’s family. They didn’t ask for the storm of crap that is likely to come from his passing. They ought to be able to mourn in peace. As it stands, though, opinions will swirl in a hostile online environment that Breitbart himself helped to create.

I can’t actually muster much enthusiasm to write about this guy, but several people have asked me my thoughts (although I’m not sure why). More than twenty-four hours have passed, which is reportedly more time than Breitbart allowed before ripping into Ted Kennedy (apparently this is a popular talking point among people who did not like Breitbart). That gives me some small measure of smug moral superiority. All I really have to say is that he was a thug and a liar.

He died of natural causes. That is being widely reported alongside the news that we don’t know how he died. That these two statements don’t yet go together ought to be clear, but if we learned anything from Andrew Breitbart, statements don’t have to be mutually consistent to be truthy.

The casualties of his mendacity are many. As so often happens, others have written more eloquently than I, so I turn to the words of this Tumblr blogger (h/t Karnythia):

Andrew Breitbart dropped dead unexpectedly today. His fellow journalists, eager to justify one of their own and “Make Some Larger Sense Of It All”, are already embarrassing themselves with their eulogies. Breitbart was the “cutting edge of the new journalism.” He “was among the first to see” that with the internet, the old standards of journalism no longer applied.” Blah, blah, blah.

No. Andrew Breitbart was nothing more than an accomplished liar. His “gotcha” journalism was deliberately dishonest but he justified his lies in the name of a higher truth. If he victimized his liberal targets with fabricated videos, that was OK because the larger truth (as defined by the Radical Right) was being served.

This is how fascists think.

I’m skipping the eulogies.