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Links I’m Reading Today, October 31, 2011

First off, Happy Halloween! Watch out for all those crazy people who take advantage of this day to further their Satanic agenda and who don’t actually exist!

  • Arrest marks growing pains for real-life superhero movement (Austin American Statesman)
  • Erasing false balance: the right is more antiscience than the left (Bad Astronomy)
  • We don’t need to excuse student loan borrowers for poor choices (Austin American-Statesman) (tl;dr – High school students should know not to believe all the promises colleges make about their earning potential. If you try to further your career, you are responsible for inflating tuition and deflating wages, you crybaby. This is based on the fact that I understood all of this 20 years ago.) (Back in my own voice: yes, this column is full of crap.)
  • Former Alltel CEO Makes Odd Connection Between Occupy Wall Street and Rwandan Genocide (Balloon Juice)
  • Credit Unions to Goldman Sachs: Drop Dead (They Gave Us a Republic)
  • Ten Reasons Not to Bank On (or With) Bank of America (Truthout)

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Links I’m Reading Today, October 30, 2011

  • The Silliness of Busyness (zenhabits)
  • Occupy the No-Spin Zone (Dahlia Lithwick, Slate) (“I feel it’s time to explain something: Occupy Wall Street may not have laid out all of its demands in a perfectly cogent one-sentence bumper sticker for you, Mr. Pundit, but it knows precisely what it doesn’t want. It doesn’t want you. What the movement clearly doesn’t want is to have to explain itself through corporate television. To which I answer, Hallelujah. You can’t talk down to a movement that won’t talk back to you.”)
  • Why Occupying Wall St. Should Be Only Phase One (Brilliant at Breakfast) (“It’s a subdued albeit vitally important revolution that Wall Street is scared shitless will actually succeed: A paradigm shift in which banking will not be solely dedicated to printing money on the fly but one in which the community’s needs will be paramount, including reasonable student and home loans that empower those who wish to elevate their status in life.”)
  • The E-Mails The Feds Say Show Texas Lawmakers Trying To Limit Voting Power Of Hispanics (TPMMuckraker)
  • Police seek pink bikini burglar (MSNBC Weird News) (Don’t click on this. Seriously.)

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Links I’m Reading Today, October 28, 2011

  • Fundamentalism Corrupts (The Bronze Blog)
  • Everything (xkcd: “I want to give you everything, just to see what you would do with it.”)
  • It ought to be up to Americans to decide what is true! (Pharyngula)
  • Treating Americans as nothing more than piles of money has consequences (Where’s the Outrage?)
  • MRAs are almost as hilarious as creationists (Pharyngula)
  • The Cop Who Shot Scott Olsen (a Poem) (Booman Tribune)
  • Clifford Winston’s Case for Abolishing the Requirement that Lawyers Must get Law School Degrees and Pass the Bar Exam (Volokh Conspiracy). I would point out that this makes as much sense as turning medicine over to people without medical licenses, but then I remembered that we already do that.

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Links I’m Reading Today, October 26, 2011

  • Glenn Greenwald, How the Legal System Was Deep-Sixed to Serve Elite America and Occupy Wall Street Became Inevitable (AlterNet) (this partly inspired my football idea)
  • David Morris, The Tea Party vs. Occupy Wall Street: Guess Which One is the Real Populist Movement (AlterNet)
  • Dave Johnson, People Distrust Government — Conservative Mission Accomplished (Dirty Hippies)

A thought experiment using football

I have not yet used my occasionally-read soapbox here to discuss my thoughts on the Occupy Wall Street movement. Honestly, when I’m not working I’m reading and commenting on other people’s content and getting progressively angrier at some people’s dogged insistence on Not Getting It.

Yes, my use of the word “progressive” above is now retroactively claimed as a political double entendre.

I have however, been using my other blog (which is much easier to maintain, I must admit) to share news, pictures, and the occasional brain burp on matters pertaining to Occupy Wall Street. (When I’m not sharing animal welfare stuff and Star Wars kitsch, of course.)

So this is really just a cross-post of something I started over there:

Suppose that NFL referees applied the rules of the game as follows:

  • The wealthiest players, because of the value they bring to the game by attracting fans and television revenue, get one yard added to each play where they advance the ball.
  • Referees will not penalize minor rule infractions by the wealthiest players, in order to entice them to continue playing.
  • Penalties against African-American players, particularly ones who do not pull as high a salary, will be enhanced by three to five yards.
  • The score will start at 5 points for home teams with nice stadiums.

Would football still be a fair game? Would football even be a good game anymore? Would anybody want to watch that kind of sport?

Anyone see where I’m going with this?

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Feel free to discuss.


Links I’m Reading Today, October 20, 2011

Losing Their Immunity (Paul Krugman, New York Times)

Student loan debts crush an entire generation (Salon)

Republicans Channel Their Inner David Cronenberg (Open Salon)

The liberal class has become a useless and despised appendage of corporate power and all hope lies now with those in the street (And, yes, I DO take it personally)

They always whine when they see the pitchforks (Brilliant at Breakfast)

Police: Teen girl forced to wear armor, swordfight stepfather (MSNBC, in today’s WTF? entry)


Occupy Austin live feed

I’ve been checking out the live feed of Occupy Austin. At the moment they’re still out in front of City Hall, but APD may be kicking them out later tonight, without giving them any options for another place to gather.

Watch live streaming video from occupyaustin at

Updates are being given at the moment by ArrestedAustin.