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National Pit Bull Awareness Day festivities in Austin

Texas-Sized Pittie PrideOctober 22, 2011 is National Pit Bull Awareness Day! In celebration, Austin pit bull education and advocacy group Love-A-Bull is hosting the Texas-Sized Pittie Pride event on Sunday, November 6, 2011 in Republic Square Park in downtown Austin. They will be looking to set a record for the world’s largest gathering of pit bull-type dogs. I was there last year and can affirm that it was a great time with some amazing people and the most wonderful dogs in the world.

The night before, they will host a VIP Kickoff Party at Austin Speed Shop, 1414 S. Lamar. More information and tickets are available at Love-A-Bull’s Meetup page.

Special guests at the Pittie Pride event and the VIP party include:

Here’s a sample of John Shipe’s musical stylings:

Here are a few of my own pictures from last year’s event:

Pit Bull Awareness Day, November 7, 2010 Pit Bull Awareness Day, November 7, 2010
Pit Bull Awareness Day, November 7, 2010 Pit Bull Awareness Day, November 7, 2010

Green Gala! Join Friends of Town Lake Animal Center and more on October 22

Green Gala, October 22, 2011Friends of Town Lake Animal Center (full disclosure: I’m on the board) will host the Green Gala on October 22, 2011 at the animal shelter’s new location in east Austin. Tickets are on sale now, so go buy some. I’ll wait……

Come enjoy local food and drink and music from The Hot Club of Cowtown.

Seriously, go buy tickets!

The shelter will be moving from its current location on Cesar Chavez, which it has occupied since1952 and the city has managed since 1992, to a new facility at Levander Loop in east Austin, near the intersection of Airport Boulevard and Highway 183. The new facility will open November 12.

Town Lake Animal Center has launched a blog, The Last 100 Days of Town Lake Animal Center, to chronicle the move and the shelter’s history.


Architectural Rendering of the new facility.



Puppy mills better watch out! I have a GIF!

And with this GIF, I will strike terror into the hearts of illicit puppy mills everywhere……

Well, it’s cute, anyway. Thanks to the lovely and talented Amy Welborn for bringing this to my attention.


Good news on license plate income

There had been controversy around how the Texas Legislature was going to disburse funds collected from the sale of “Animal Friendly” license plates, which are intended to be used to fund spay/neuter programs. I learned today that all funds were authorized by the Legislature for their intended purpose. This came after protests from nonprofits who were expecting funding. The cuts proposed by the Legislature would have barely made a dent in the budget shortfall, but would have been devastating to the organizations that were expecting the money (not to mention the Texans who bought the license plates expecting the money to support spay/neuter). It is always nice when the Legislature does what it is supposed to do.


Some new furry friends

I organized a group of lawyers to volunteer at Town Lake Animal Center this past Saturday.  I’ll just say this: everyone should go to their nearest animal shelter, even if you don’t want or have the ability to care for a new pet, and at least spend some time interacting with the animals there.  It’s great for the dogs and cats, and it’s great for the people as well.  Who knows–you might leave with a new best friend.


Casey needs a new forever home!

Tyra and her "happy tail"

Tyra has "happy tail" and wants to meet you!

Casey and Tyra are wonderful dogs and could be a great addition to someone’s family.  A particular place in my heart, however, was stolen by Doodle, who has to be seen in action to be believed.

Doodle loves to play

Doodle is a bundle of joy and yappy energy

Doodle is happy to meet you

Doodle is happy to meet you!

Adopt a pet today!


Free spay/neuter services for pit bulls coming up later in May

The Pit Stop Program, a free spay/neuter for pit bulls, will be May 23-28, 2011 in Austin, Texas.  The event is sponsored by Love-A-Bull, Friends of Town Lake Animal Center, P.A.L.S., and EmanciPET.

Pit Stop Promo Flyer


Support funding for spay/neuter programs in Texas

In my role as chair of the Austin Bar Association‘s Animal Welfare Committee, I have issued the following resolution regarding allocation of funds in the Senate budget bill.  It is an important issue, not just because supporting spay and neuter programs is important, but because people need to know that, when they voluntarily contribute money for a specific cause, the money really will go to that cause.  Talk to your Senator today.

Resolution Against Reducing Allocation for SN Services (Senate)