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So You Want to Go to Law School: the classic movie

“I do not like my Blackberry. I would like to torture it until it begs me to kill it.”

“Science cleared that guy. A lawyer put his a** in prison.”

I soooooo wish I had written this.


Cool way to contribute to creative projects

I am now officially an investor (of sorts) in a short film called Genesis 51:33-51, which I learned about through Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a service that lets people contribute small amounts of money to interesting projects (my contribution is $15). Based on the filmmaker’s video intro, it should be both interesting and controversial.


Won’t someone please think of the yuppies???

Funny or Die has really captured the pathos of Netflix‘s latest onslaught against upper-middle-class Americans.


How to Sue the Internet, courtesy of Adult Swim

Adult Swim has the following bump in their rotation:

I think this has gone beyond viral at this point, wouldn’t you say?


New bling for the blog

I’m a little embarrassed I used the word “bling,” but no one ever accused me of being a stodgy lawyer type. Anyway, here’s the new decor for the blog:

This was prepared by matt_vd at, a cool site where various services are available for $5. It’s worth a look.

The video is also up at Facebook and Vimeo.